Spring in the North-West

Woman relaxing in kayak

Spring on the North-West Coast

Enjoy an early spring break – with a trip to the North!

That may seem like a paradox, but the weather in Prince Rupert is often warmer than in the mountains or northern regions of Canada.

Being situated close to the coast means Prince Rupert enjoys a moderate climate in comparison to the neighbouring communities to the East, and lucky for us our coastal location usually provides an early spring.

Hiking in Prince Rupert

For nature lovers, campers, and hikers, the temperate weather and abundance of hikes and trails provide many opportunities for hikers of all abilities.

The Tall Tree Trail, Butze Rapid Trial, and Mount Hayes are all popular and world-renowned destinations for nature lovers and adventurers.

Golf Breaks in Prince Rupert

As spring breaks through the winter blues, and golfers begin looking forward to getting back on the green, they should consider a weekend break to Prince Rupert. The Prince Rupert Golf course welcomes out-of-town visitors who want to get a jump on their golf season. And the discounted rates and flexible tee times offer great value.

Wolf staring at camera

A seal looking out of the water

Kayaking and Bird Watching on the Coast

For those who love spending time out on the water, kayaking in Prince Rupert offers numerous protected inlets and bays just waiting for discovery.

March is the beginning of the Oolichan run up the Skeena River. This is a destination every animal lover and ardent bird watcher should have on their bucket list. Thousands of gulls and numerous eagles converge at this location to dine on the silver fish. Numerous seals and sea lions have discovered the bounty of Oolichan and make their way up the Skeena River for this annual spring feast.

Plan a trip to Prince Rupert this spring, and enjoy the paradox of this coastal lifestyle; it’s both peaceful and relaxing – exhilarating and inspiring.