Right in Our Wheelhouse: Beer in Prince Rupert

Beer glass on a rustic wooden barAles and lagers and pilsners and stouts, oh my!

It’s that time of year, again. People around the world are turning their thoughts to frosty, foaming glasses as communities everywhere celebrate Oktoberfest.

Well, there’s a little slice of Munich right here in downtown Prince Rupert. We might not have lederhosen and polkas, but we do have great beer!

Make Your Own Oktoberfest at Prince Rupert’s Wheelhouse Brewing Company

Wheelhouse Brewing Company came to fruition in 2013, when a group of friends were fishing for a better brew. With a shared passion for great beer and an industrious North Coast spirit, they realized they could be the ones to bring more delicious options to the city! Driven by an interest in local ingredients and a strong sense of place in the community, this trio of talented brewmasters has created an award-winning portfolio of Prince Rupert flavour.

Wheelhouse Brewing Kazu Maru bottleEach Wheelhouse beer is named for something local and meaningful:

Leading the charge, the Flagship Pale Ale is a reference to the bravest boat in a naval fleet. We may not have a navy here in Rupert, but we do have a history of being at the forefront of innovative ideas.
Copper-coloured and tart, with a perfect balance of forward-thinking hoppiness

Kazu Maru IPA is a nod to the uncanny story of the Japanese fishing boat that mysteriously disappeared from the waters of our sister city, Owase, Japan and reappeared much later, inexplicably abandoned, here in the PR harbour.
Strong and hoppy, with a tart fruitiness and the pleasantly bitter essence of our lush Northwest rainforest

You don’t have to look far to guess the how the Foggy Harbour IPA got its name. The islands of the Inside Passage trap the mist, and cast a softness around our deep water port.
Beer glass from Wheelhouse Brewing Prince RupertA little bit tart and toasty delicious, this is both bracing and soft, just like the air up here

Blacksmith Brown Ale reminds patrons of Rupert’s early 20th century railroad and shipping roots. The brewery building was originally a hardworking smithy, busy with the traffic from the harbour and the trains. Remnants of these origins can be seen in the architecture and artifacts that make this place so charming.
Hefty and malty, with sweet caramel notes (and maybe a little spark of warmth from the forge)

Gillnetter Golden Ale proudly proclaims Prince Rupert as a fishing town. The gillnetting boats are essential to ensuring a healthy, clean catch. Designed to safely target specific fish, gillnetters help maintain sustainable fish populations in our waters, which is good for everyone.
Easy drinking and bright with a subtle fruitness –a perfect catch

It hasn’t taken long for the the team at Wheelhouse Brewing Company to make a splash on the culture (and flavor!) of Prince Rupert. This place has quickly become a cornerstone of the downtown Cow Bay social scene.

Just up the block from the Crest, Wheelhouse’s family-friendly, dog-friendly tap room has a vibe of laid-back, North Coast cool. (Still thinking about Oktoberfest? If you want to enjoy a drink in your lederhosen, we doubt anyone will blink twice.) Fresh-filled growlers and cold bottles to-go are always available in the tasting lounge. There’s also plenty of trendy swag, in case you want to bring home a unique souvenir! Regular events like Vinyl Night, live music acts, and seafood-pairing showcases add to the welcoming atmosphere, here.

The Crest is proud to be an integral part of Prince Rupert’s vibrant community. To that end, we like to support the local businesses that really make our town unique.

Join us in raising a glass to our neighbours at Wheelhouse Brewing Company, Rupert’s favourite brewery!