Port Prince Rupert

Incorporated in 1910 as the western terminus of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Prince Rupert has always been considered an important port.

Prince Rupert Harbour
Image Credit: Prince Rupert Port Authority

Capitalizing on the naturally ice-free, deep harbour, early plans for the city included a dock for large cargo and passenger ships, and subsequent major investment in tourism. It took awhile for those ideas to be put into action, as other resource-based industries began to thrive, but now, more than 100 years later, those visionary ideas of the first town planners have come to fruition. It’s been well worth the wait.

Shipping and Industry

A bustling port is the working heart of commerce, reaching far beyond the shipping industry. As a major point of contact for Pacific trade, Prince Rupert is a prime example of how a port can positively affect the larger local economy.

The city has always been a strategic shipping location, but since the expansion of the port in 2007, it has become a major global player as a gateway to Canadian trade. This growth is poised to continue, with increases in cargo exports, biofuel shipments, the construction of the new Alta Gas propane facility and a proposed propane export terminal on Watson Island. The Alta Gas and Pembina projects are expected to significantly boost the local economy by creating employment opportunities.


Prince Rupert’s other major industry, tourism, has also been flourishing. The number of cruise ships now pulling into port has doubled in the past year. A whopping 17,000 visitors are expected to come ashore this year, which will have very positive and rippling effects on the local economy. Prince Rupert’s unique natural splendor also continues to make the area popular with travellers seeking ecotourism opportunities, like whale and bear watching, hiking, kayaking and sport fishing. The town has seen an increase in the number of activities, stores and restaurants catering to tourists (and locals!).


Its location along the North Coast of North America naturally makes it an ideal location for trade; its awe-inspiring beauty and abundance of wildlife attract visitors from around the world. But that’s all just luck.

It’s the industrious and welcoming spirit of the Prince Rupert community that makes this city thrive. And we are perfectly positioned to continue.


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