Craving Coffee and Coziness this Fall in Prince Rupert

coffee cup on butcherblock

Coastal BC is at the heart of Coffee Culture!

The weather is turning cooler, and warm beverages and fall spices are making their way onto the menus of restaurants everywhere.

Up here in Prince Rupert, this season brings a breath of calm throughout the town, and a lovely, welcome nip to the air. Hotel guests and locals, alike, start to seek out cozy spots for a quick warm-up. Whether you’re a grab-and-go coffee drinker, or you prefer to linger in a comfortable spot with your java (or tea, or hot chocolate –we don’t judge!), the Crest staff can point you toward Prince Rupert’s favourite hot drink hangouts.


If effortless is your goal, you can’t get any easier than right here at “home”! The Crest Café, located in the hotel’s Lower Lobby, features delicious Starbucks specialty coffees and David’s Teas, along with a variety of tasty snacks and light meals. Open every day until 9pm, the Café boasts complimentary iPads and the same serene and welcoming atmosphere that the Crest is known for.


For the genuine local coffee shop experience, look no further than Cowpuccino’s, in Cow Bay. Kitschy decor and a clientele of regulars, this laid-back hotspot features tasty breakfast dishes and a variety of coffee options. Here you’ll find a kids’ play space, free wi-fi, and friendly staff, all with a just-right background hum of cappuccino steam and clinking saucers.


Once upon a time, JavaDotCup was an internet café. But that was a lifetime ago, and while there’s still a computer available to customers, it’s the coffee that really brings people here. With a lovely setting inside a heritage building, JavaDotCup is an inviting place to linger. It offers a menu of deliciously-crafted coffees, teas and traditional café snacks, along with a selection of Vietnamese specialties. A showcase for live music, this place is a classic coffeehouse with a definite Prince Rupert twist.


Hoping for more small-town quirkiness? You’ll find charming vibes at two local spots:

Seahorse Trading Company, in Cow Bay, offers an unusual combination of gifts and souvenirs made by local artisans, travel accessories, and toys, alongside fantastic fresh-brewed tea and coffee (they also make excellent smoothies, if you’re not in the mood for something hot). Right on the waterfront, this is worth a visit!


On the other side of town, Third Avenue Coffee is similarly adept at multi-tasking. This eclectic space is brimming with cottagey gifts and pretty baby items, alongside Italian groceries and delectable home-baked treats. A true Prince Rupert one-stop-shop, with satisfying European-style coffee, too!


For those who crave familiarity, Prince Rupert couldn’t call itself a proud Canadian city without a Tim Horton’s. Exactly like your hometown Timmie’s, you’ll find all of your favourite menu items here. Timbits and a Double-Double? But of course…


Whether you’re visiting us for business or pleasure this fall, Prince Rupert has plenty of options for brisk weather pick-me-ups. We invite you to explore our coastal café culture, and to discover your favourite cup of Northern BC flavour.

The Crest Hotel is convenient to all of Prince Rupert’s coffee shops! Contact us to book your stay.