The Best Fishing in Canada – Prince Rupert

Docks and boats

As June nears, locals and visitors make plans for their annual fishing excursions. Prince Rupert and the North Coast experience some of the best saltwater salmon fishing in the world.

Fishers, bears, eagles and gulls all know the anticipation and thrill of the catch followed by a feast of fresh fish. And Prince Rupert has an abundance of fish to feast on.

Tie Your Fly and Cast Your Line

Pacific salmon, halibut, rockfish, cod, lingcod and red snapper are frequent catches on B.C.’s Northwest Coast. But while sockeye, chum and pinks are all species known to this area, fishers often prefer to go on the trail of the chinook and coho.

All fishing destinations have their secret hot spots known only to local guides and wildlife. Prince Rupert has some beautifully peaceful locations and numerous knowledgeable guides. The guides often arrange fishing trips to these secluded spots for clients who want to go in search of Chinook and Coho salmon.

Plan Your Fishing Trip Now

Whether you like to fish at sunrise or sunset, by the riverside or by the dock, Prince Rupert offers the some of the best fishing locations in Canada.

If you haven’t planned your fishing trip, now is the time as summer is around the corner and the fish will be here soon.

Man fishing from boat